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1. devote writing which type of union you desire to get a hold of — both short-term and long term.

2. end up being invested in spending time each day looking potential dates, whether on line or in actuality. I will suggest setting aside at the very least quarter-hour everyday.

3. Stop creating excuses for not matchmaking. Rather, only go out there and check out it!

4. Realize the restricting beliefs you hold concerning opposite sex might keeping you against picking out the fantastic person available who’s waiting for you.

5. Understand there is certainly a difference between what Hollywood shows you about people discovering really love and reality. Hollywood’s version does not occur!

6. do not overly perfectionistic about the folks you date. We all have flaws.

7. decide your own package breakers and just take prospective suits off your own selection of possibilities if they possess bargain breaker qualities. Or else, give a good guy or girl an opportunity.

8. escape your own rut and big date those who are distinct from your usual type.

9. end up being extraordinary! Show your most readily useful part inside internet dating users when you are on times.

10. Whether you would imagine you can or perhaps you believe you cannot, you are right. Henry Ford said this about creating vehicles. It really is real for element of yourself, including matchmaking.

11. Stop having Shiny Penny Syndrome, thinking there is always somebody much better available for you personally. You may skip fantastic females or dating men over 40 who have never been married

12. not be married to a concept of just who anyone inside your life must certanly be.

13. understand existing dating guidelines which will make you winning at discovering love again after 50. Yes, you’ll find principles. No, you weren’t given these with your divorce papers. That’s where relationship specialists and internet dating coaches is a good idea.

14. Don’t be too transparent on a first day by disclosing every good, the terrible while the ugly about yourself. Absolutely a time and a place for every little thing.

15. change from invisibility to stone Star exposure with a good image and account on the web!

16. end up being Teflon-coated by knowing some individuals should both you and some wont. Give it time to slide off you, knowing you will be one go out closer to locating the ONE you are looking for. Sometimes it takes kissing various frogs as you go along to find the any you would like.

17. Every big date is actually a reading experience and a chance to fulfill some one brand-new and fascinating.

18. Be heroic and go after the dating fantasies.

19. have actually a dating method positioned for locating Mr. or Ms. Appropriate.

20. Be happy to get online dating support and help from buddies, household, a counselor or a dating advisor. We are all right here that will help you make your matchmaking quest profitable!

Lisa Copeland may be the Dating Coach just who can make over 50’s matchmaking enjoyable and easy. Discover more about producing your own matchmaking strategy at

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