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Emphasis is placed on how SQL Server 2014 is architected, so that you will be able to make the proper decisions in configuring and managing your SQL Server instances. Comprehensive hands on exercises are integrated throughout to reinforce learning and develop real competency. AlwaysOn is a suite of technologies that provide High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) capabilities for SQL Server. These technologies include Failover Clustered Instances (FCI) and Availability Groups (AG).

SQL 2014 Admin Lessons

You will learn about essential security concepts in SQL Server 2014 and how your data is kept safe. The typical way of finding out how digital resources can be accessed by anyone is through the use of a username and password. ‘Authentication’ is the process of verifying that a principal is who they claim to be.

SQL Server

The course explains how SQL Server uniquely identifies principals in order to authorize access to a database. When you use SQL Server login for authentication, clients’ applications have to provide a valid username and password to connect to the database. The course explains why SQL Server authentication is preferred to Windows authentication. This technology was originally code-named ”Hekaton” as the goal was to improve performance 100x. The technology was based on MIcrosoft research into in-memory databases and was first released in SQL Server 2014. This page is an attempt to list all the new features in SQL Server 2014 and give data professionals a place to begin learning about what has changed.

Each of the topics below is described with a link to another page that contains various resources that can help you learn more about that particular topic. Wrox Professional guides are planned and written by working programmers to meet the real-world needs of programmers, developers, and IT professionals. Focused and relevant, they address the issues technology professionals face every day. They provide examples, practical solutions, and expert education in new technologies, all designed to help programmers do a better job. Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2014 includes a companion website with sample code and efficient automation utilities, plus a host of tips, tricks, and workarounds that will make your job as a DBA or database architect much easier.

SQL Server 2014: Security Fundamentals

Share what you’ve learned, and be a standout professional in your desired industry with a certificate showcasing your knowledge gained from the course. Immerse yourself in expert blogs, insightful webinars, and in-depth industry insights. Our brands specialize in essential business skills, ensuring you receive expert guidance and stay at the forefront of industry trends. Uniting experts from our leading brands, we offer a holistic training experience, ensuring your team excels in today’s tech-driven economy.

The update includes new backup and recovery tools, new AlwaysOn features, and enhanced cloud capabilities. In-memory OLTP, Buffer Pool Extensions for SSDs, and a new Cardinality Estimator can improve functionality and smooth out the workflow, but only if you understand their full capabilities. Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is your comprehensive guide to working with the new environment. Authors Adam Jorgensen, Bradley Ball, Ross LoForte, Steven Wort, and Brian Knight are the dream team of the SQL Server community, and they put their expertise to work guiding you through the changes. This is a fundamental-level course that begins by explaining the reason for and importance of storing your data in a relational database. It explains why security is the most important feature of SQL Server 2014.

In This Free Course, You Will Learn How To

This technology was released in SQL Server 2012, and has been improved with each version. At Educate 360, we research industry pain points when working to accomplish a goal. Join our community of 30 million+ learners, upskill with CPD UK accredited SQL 2014 Admin Lessons courses, explore career development tools and psychometrics – all for free. The new SQL Server 2014 “Memory Optimization Advisor” tool helps you quickly analyze tables to see how easy it is to migrate them to In-Memory OLTP tables.

Bradley Ball is a MCITP 2005, 2008, and 2012 MCSE DBA with more than a decade of experience who is currently the Data Platform Management Lead with Pragmatic Works specializing in Data Platform solutions. Familiarity with database concepts, Windows desktop navigation and software installation techniques. Attendance at HOTT’s SQL Programming course or Microsoft Transact-SQL Programming course is highly recommended although not required.

Skill level: Beginner

It assumes a basic understanding of databases and how they work, but it does not assume any prior experience with SQL Server 2014 or previous editions. SQL Server 2016 has new improvements for columnstore indexes including updateable nonclustered columnstore indexes, columnstore indexes on in-memory tables, and many more. Ross LoForte is a Technology Architect at the Microsoft Technology Center Chicago focused on Microsoft SQL Server solutions, with more than 20 years of business development, project management, and SQL experience. If you don’t know how databases work, start with the basic database tutorial first. The Cardinality Estimator is a part of the query processor that evaluates the data in a table and helps choose an efficient query plan.

  • Comprehensive hands on exercises are integrated throughout to reinforce learning and develop real competency.
  • Participants in this course will come away with the knowledge and experience required to administer SQL Server 2014.
  • This tutorial is for anyone who wants to learn how to use SQL Server 2014.
  • Authors Adam Jorgensen, Bradley Ball, Ross LoForte, Steven Wort, and Brian Knight are the dream team of the SQL Server community, and they put their expertise to work guiding you through the changes.
  • Immerse yourself in expert blogs, insightful webinars, and in-depth industry insights.

Stop getting frustrated with administrative issues and start taking control. Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is your roadmap to mastering the update and creating solutions that work. This tutorial is for anyone who wants to learn how to use SQL Server 2014.

Top 50 Python Interview Questions With Example Answers

Version control is essential for efficient software development, particularly when collaborating with others. It helps to keep track of changes made to the codebase, prevent unintentional overwriting of others’ work, and enables easy rollback to previous versions if needed. Lt can make use of the yield statement to return data during the function call.

  • Debugging, on the other hand, is the methodical practice of removing those errors.
  • The aim is to gauge the depth of a candidate’s knowledge, ensuring they can make informed decisions during software development.
  • Remember to handle exceptions and always ensure secure practices when interacting directly with databases.
  • Transform the list into a set, which inherently doesn’t allow duplicate values.
  • Avoid using assertions for data validation or to handle runtime errors.

A developer’s dedication to leveraging Python’s extensive ecosystem and their competence in addressing intricate issues in specialized areas is showcased by familiarity with theses. It’s essential to ensure the security and privacy of users’ data in a web application, and authentication and authorization play a significant role in achieving that. Interviewers want to know if you have a solid understanding of these concepts and can implement them effectively. Refactoring legacy code is a common challenge developers face, and it’s important for a Full Stack Python Developer to demonstrate their ability to tackle such obstacles. By asking this question, interviewers are looking for insights into your thought process, problem-solving skills, and ability to adapt to existing structures. They want to ensure you can assess, understand, and improve older code to meet current needs and industry standards while maintaining functionality and efficiency.

Question 19: What is the ternary operator?

Even the programmer can not access this private space as the interpreter takes care of this space. Python also has an inbuilt garbage collector, which recycles all the unused memory and frees the memory and makes it available to the heap space. Python is one of the most widely-used and popular programming languages, was developed by Guido van Rossum and released first on February 20, 1991. Python is a free and open-source language with a very simple and clean syntax which makes it easy for developers to learn Python. It supports object-oriented programming and is most commonly used to perform general-purpose programming. Now, let’s explore the CISSP Interview Questions and Answers in according to the eight domains of CISSP.

Two-factor authentication requires users to ensure any of the above two factors of authentication to verify their Identity. Enable additional security features such as guest networks, MAC address filtering, and firmware updates to improve the security of your Wi-Fi network. Test your Wi-Fi network to ensure that devices can connect https://remotemode.net/ and access the internet reliably. Connect a device to the router’s default Wi-Fi network or connect directly via an Ethernet cable. Open a web browser and type the router’s IP address in the address bar. Log in to the router’s administration interface using the username and password provided in the router’s documentation.

What is the difference between a stack and a queue?

The search continues to the Global scope, If the variable is not found there, which refers to variables defined at the module level. Python checks the Built-in scope, encompassing built-in functions and attributes, if the variable is still not found. Both map and list comprehension can be used for similar tasks but they differ in their approach. The map function focuses on applying a function to every element, while list comprehension can apply more complex logic and conditions. You choose a map for straightforward transformations, and list comprehension when filtering or applying conditions.

python developer interview questions

Session management includes the user’s login status, preferences, etc. Session management in Python web applications refers to the process of preserving user data across multiple requests. This mechanism ensures that a user does not need to re-authenticate or re-enter data on every page or action. An index offers an efficient way to quickly access the records from the database files stored. Indexing is the process of creating a data structure that improves the speed of data retrieval operations on a database. Many popular relational databases have Python adapters compliant with the DB-API.

Question 2

Loops are very important for a programming language, but there could be situations where a whole program is malfunctioning because of a single loop. To view all the key values stored in the Dictionary, the key() method is used. It returns a view that contains information of all the keys stored in a particular dictionary.

python developer interview questions

Writing tests involves creating test cases that assert certain conditions. The tested unit functions as expected, When these assertions pass. For example, testing a function that adds two numbers would involve writing a test that checks if the function returns the correct sum. Python supports a variety of testing tools and libraries such as `nose2`, `doctest`, and `tox`.

A class method, marked with the `@classmethod` decorator, takes a reference to the class, `cls`, as its first parameter. It can’t access instance-specific how to become a python developer data, but it can access and modify class-level data. Class methods are often used for factory methods which can create class instances in diverse ways.